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Updated: Dec 11, 2023

A two-week class where students create a papier-mâché mask from start to finish!


$45 | One two-hour class, and one one-hour class |

14 Stewart Court, Upper level, Orangeville, ON


Available Classes

Wednesdays at 2pm

Wednesdays at 5pm

Tuesdays at 2pm

Tuesdays at 5pm

In two classes, students will learn the processes of sculpting a mold out of clay, building papier-mâché and creating the illusion of depth with contour painting the final mask. The first class will also feature an introductory lesson in colour symbolism and masks throughout art history, including their influence on Pablo Picasso, and the works of James Ensor.

Week one:

Sculpting the mold in clay and layering on paste and paper.

Week two:

Once dried, the masks will be removed from the molds and painted.

Clay, papier-mâché materials, and paints are included.

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