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Think Like an Artist

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

A three-week course that explores the ideas of radical art movements.


Three 1 hour classes | $60 | online through Zoom


Available Classes

Mondays at 5pm

Wednesdays at 5pm

(Please contact to register.)


Think Like an Artist is a three-week class that explores the ideas of Pop Art, Cubism, and Conceptual Art. Bring a shoe to each class and let it guide your ideas and artworks! Learn how to take a common household item and explore its creative potential

Week one: Pop Art

The first week is based on the repeating images of Andy Warhol. Students will create works inspired by their shoes using tracing paper, and ink or paint to create works using Warhol’s mechanical methods of copying images from one surface to another, leaving you with a precise work.

Week two: Cubism

Students will create their own Cubist work based on the techniques of artists like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Using a shoe as the basis for a still-life, each student will paint and observe it in different perspectives. Participants will learn how to observe objects not as they are, but as items made of shapes and lines.

Week three: Conceptual Art

Think about everything a shoe can be and let your idea be the most important element of the artwork, or the artwork itself. With the radical ideas of artists like Sol LeWitt and Yoko Ono, students will explore their own ways of thinking in relation to their shoes, and use any materials they think suit their ideas best, from drawing to painting to words to nothing at all.

Recommended Materials:

Acrylic paints, brand of your choice, one tube of each colour

- Ultramarine

- Burnt Umber

- Crimson/Cadmium Red

- Titanium White

- Brilliant Yellow/Cadmium Yellow

Optional colours:

- Cobalt Blue

- Black

Other materials:

- One, or several shoes

- Any brushes you would like to use, but medium-sized filbert, flat, and round brushes are recommended

- At least one round brush that makes a fine point

- Water container for cleaning brushes (one for paint, one for ink)

- A Palette: foam or plastic plates or trays. (Alternative - any flat stiff surface covered with wax paper or aluminum foil, or a disposable palette pad)

- Paper towel or an old cloth

- A set of artist’s pencils (includes HB, 2B, 3B, 2H, 3H, etc.)

- An eraser (pink school-style, or kneadable)

- Ruler

- Masking tape


- India ink (preferably black)

- Any other supplies you can think of during week three


- Small primed canvas boards/panels or primed stretched canvases

- A small pad of paper that can take acrylic paint and/or ink (inexpensive watercolour or printmaking paper can work).

- Tracing paper

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