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Big Brush Paint Night

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Grab the biggest brush you have for a fun night of learning about tone.


1 hour | $20 per student | online through Zoom


Available Classes

Fridays at 6:15pm

(Please contact to register.)


Join instructor Harley Duck for a fun night of learning about painting and tone! Grab the biggest brush you have and follow along with Harley’s instructions and tips. Students will be provided with a high-contrast black and white image and learn to break the picture into shapes while not worrying about being realistic in this fun challenge.

Recommended Materials:

Acrylic paints, brand of your choice, one tube of each colour

- Black

- White

Brushes and other materials:

- A large #12 brush or the largest brush you have

- Water container for cleaning brushes

- A Palette: foam or plastic plates or trays. (Alternative - any flat stiff surface covered with wax paper or aluminum foil, or a disposable palette pad)

- Paper towel or an old cloth

- Pencil

- Ruler

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