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Drawing Portraits

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

In four weeks, learn everything needed to draw a portrait in pencil!


Four 1 hour classes | $80 per student | online through Zoom


Available Classes

Saturdays at 11am

Saturdays at 2pm

Sundays at 11am

Sundays at 2pm

(Please contact to register.)


In this four-week course, learn everything needed to draw a portrait in pencil! Every class features warm-ups and lessons focusing on one facial feature until each student can accurately draw a portrait of their choosing. Instructor Harley Duck will lead the classes in the structure of the human face as well as other characteristics like glasses, jewelry, and wrinkles and the techniques needed to draw them.

Week one: The Head and Foundations

Students will learn how to shape the skull and jaw in pencil, as well as layout the proportions of the face for the placement of features to create the proper foundation that every portrait lays upon.

Week two: Eyes and Ears

The second class will demystify how to draw the most revealing part of portraits, and the most overlooked. Students will also begin learning the various grades of pencils and how their hardness or boldness can contribute to a greater range of darks and lights, and more realism, in drawings.

Week three: Lips and Nose

To draw the final features of the face, students will build upon the techniques learned in the previous classes to combine subtle transitions of shading and dark areas of shadow to build up form in the face.

Week four: Final Portrait

In this two-hour class, participants will utilize what techniques they have learned in the three previous weeks to recreate a photographic portrait of their choosing.

Recommended Materials:

- A set of artist’s pencils (includes HB, 2B, 3B, 2H, 3H, etc.)

- Eraser (Pink school-style, or kneadable)

- A sketchbook of high-quality drawing paper

- Printer paper


- Newsprint paper

- A tortillon (blending tool)

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