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Fundamentals of Drawing (and Snacks)

Updated: 5 days ago

Learn everything you need to know about drawing and potato chips.


1 hour | $20 per student | online through Zoom


Available Classes in April

Thursday 6nd at 5pm

Thursday 13th at 5pm

Thursday 21st at 5pm

Thursday 28th at 5pm

(Please contact to register.)


Artist’s pencils can create hard dark lines, subtle shadows, and everything in between, and it just so happens that all of those features are also on rippled chips. This class will feature warm-ups for participants to become comfortable with drawing materials and better understand their chip of choice. Instructor Harley Duck will guide students through a tutorial lesson on the foundations of drawing, where the reward is a finished artwork and a snack.

Recommended Materials:

- A rippled potato chip (any flavour)

- A set of artist’s pencils (includes HB, 2B, 3B, 2H, 3H, etc.)

- An eraser (pink school-style, or kneadable)

- A sketchbook of high-quality drawing paper or loose-leaf drawing paper


- Newsprint paper

- A tortillon (blending tool)

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